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Zenergetics Somatics is a simple embodiment practice & self-discovery process. The practice is calm & gentle, slow & subtle, similar to yoga, qigong, a kind of meditation practice all-in-one, a key feature is playful emotional connection & free expression

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The slow movement exercises are inspired by Kum Nye Tibetan Yoga Meditation practices & supported by the revolutionary work of Julie Henderson, Zapchen Somatics (www.zapchen.com)

Zenergetics Somatics focuses on awareness of your living body, your sensing & feeling body. Listen to your body, see & feel yourself embodying wellbeing as natural & ordinary, experience body presence as simply a healthy way to be, connect with self-healing energies. 

Zenergetics is a relational practice, an innovative way to be with yourself, with others. We need each other for reflection & connection, our intimate self needs to be able to safely emerge in relationship with support to integrate changes. Learn how to care for yourself & others, as you relate through practice. Somatics is a body-based way to nurture supportive caring connections & build a body-based community. Zenergetics Somatics Practice is integral with Good Company Practice consisting of three levels.

Gary Norfolk 

Gary napping.

Gary created Zenergetics Somatics & has been teaching throughout Australia for more than 30 years. Gary is a playful and passionate somatic teacher. 


In 1979 he started studying and practicing Kum Nye Tibetan Yoga Mediation and Bioenergetic Exercises Somatics with Dr Julie Henderson. 

He started teaching in 1981 in Sydney. He completed a 3 year training in  Somatic Integration Therapy 1995 at the College for Experiential  Psychotherapy in Sydney. 

Julie Henderson's Zapchen Somatics is the basic foundation of Zenergetics. (www.zapchen.com)

Zapchen is a Tibetan word meaning "salubrious mind changing naughtiness". 

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