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Body Wisdom Practice Day

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Practice Day

Practice less is more . . .

Less effort, strain and struggle, more being, presence, inner knowing & trust


Practice slowing down . . .

Be gentle with yourself & others

Practice slow movement exercises . . .

Kum Nye Tibetan Yoga is slow

Practice stopping and resting . . .

We do a little and stop and rest and we do this often.

Practice  . . .

Sighing, Yawning, Humming, Rocking, Jiggling, Patting, Moaning & Groaning, Skipping, Stretching & Napping 

Practice simply noticing . . .

Accepting your awareness of body, breath & senses

Practice getting used to . . . 

Consciously embodying well-being & feeling good

Practice yourself to be touch . . .

Allowing subtle energies to permeate your whole body-being 

Practice learning to feel good . . .

Learn as you’re feeling good 

Practice letting go . . .

Letting down, resting down & waking up!

Practice getting used to . . .

Experiencing “the simple feeling of being”

Practice perceiving what is . . .

Seeing more of what is really going on 

Practice allowing . . .

Allowing sensations & feelings to increase and your felt sense to expand 

Body Wisdom 

Practice Day

Zenergetics Somatics


An innovative fusion of East & West

 Kum Nye Tibetan Yoga and

Zapchen Somatics.

I invite you to come to this practice day.

Connect with yourself & others through gentle meditative exercises. 

Zenergetics is a Somatics practice: the study of the conscious body.

Learn To Trust Your Body

Discover mind, body & senses as one integrated process. 

Appreciate attention  to feeling & subtle inner energies. Experience meditation as a natural state of being.

Balance - Integrate 

Stimulate - Transform

Zenergetics is a body-based integration of traditional yoga, qigong, meditation, dance & drama. Somatic touch inquiry & sound expression are unique to this practice. 

Body, Heart, Mind, Senses as One

The intention of the retreat is to gently wake ourselves up as we learn to communicate directly with our body & senses --- a good sense of humour really helps. 

A retreat is a time to deliberately let go of tension & stress, ground yourself in your present experience, allow spontaneity & creative playfulness free reign & generally lighten up, as opposed to struggling, straining, trying to get it right & holding-it-all-together. Stop all the doing for a change & slow down, not because you are tired & exhausted. Feel more in touch within yourself in the presence of others. 

Simply practice “getting-used-to” being awake & sensitive---a condition that is innate to well-being. 

We will practice Tibetan Yoga  called Kum Nye. These slow, gentle movement exercises relieve the fatigue, restlessness, mental distractions & physical discomfort normally experienced during meditation. 

Still Body. Quiet Mind. 

Woven seamlessly into the practice is the revolutionary Somatic Psychotherapy-Buddhist work of Julie Henderson PhD, (zapchen.com). Zapchen's easy-to-do movements are more like animal stretches - yawn, rock, roll, jiggle, hum, sigh, moan, groan, skip & nap. We do these little somatic exercises often, then we rest, and we do a little more and rest again.

“Discover how to feel as good as you can, in spite of everything” 

--- Julie Henderson -zapchen.com

  Zenergetics consists mostly of individual personal practices, with some partner and group practices. It is suitable for beginners & experienced alike. Anyone interested in discovering the wisdom of their body will benefit from this retreat. All exercises are optional. Learn to honor your current limits & self-regulate. Only do what you feel comfortable with at the time.

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