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Practice less is more
Practice with less effort, strain and struggle
Practice with more being, presence, inner knowing & trust
Practice slowing down
Practice being gentle with yourself & others

Practice slow meditative movement exercises
Practice slowly

Practice being still
Practice not moving for a change
Practice stopping

Practice resting
Practice deep rest

Practice the Basics 
Practice coming back to the basics 
Practice Sighing, Yawning, Humming, Rocking, Jiggling, Patting, Moaning & Groaning, Skipping, Stretching, Napping . 

Practice simply noticing
Practice accepting your awareness of body, breath & senses

Practice getting used to 
Practice consciously embodying well-being & feeling good

Practice perceiving 
Practice being with what is
Practice seeing more of what is really going on in the moment

Practice allowing sensations & feelings to increase 
Practice expanding your felt sense 

Practice allowing subtle energies to permeate your whole body-being
Practice giving yourself permission to embrace subtle energies
Practice redistributing energy throughout your whole body

Practice learning to feel good
Practice learning as you feel good 

Practice letting go
Practice letting down, resting down

Practice waking up!
Practice waking up to yourself

Practice getting used to "being your experience" 
 “the simple feeling of being” - being a body, being awareness, being alive