Alignment offers the possibility of more intimate, ongoing contact with yourself. It is a direct opening into the experience of embodiment giving you an increased sense of being alive.

Alignment establishes an openness and willingness to see what is happening. You don’t necessarily have to agree with the situation, but you must be willing to see what is happening in order to work through whatever is arising. If you are willing to experience your situation as it is, without getting ensnared in your conditioned tendency, your story, your patterned response, there is a possibility to learn and grow from your experience.

It is a very valuable life-skill. As your capacity to be in alignment increases, your perception is more likely to be more accurate and clear.

Alignment is a very subtle process, and can be a bit elusive at first, it can feel like nothing is happening. The nice thing about it is that it is perfectly simple and it just keeps getting better with practice. It becomes a stability you can turn to in times of challenge.

The idea of alignment and the embodied experience of alignment are two different things. The "idea" of alignment or “being centered” usually manifests itself as aloofness, conceit, arrogance, detachment, rigidity, and dogmatism.

Being in alignment, even periodically, is a great invitation to body-mind restructuring.

Being in alignment doesn’t automatically mean that you will feel good. It does mean you can give yourself permission to feel whatever it is you are feeling.

Your ability to choose how you experience life is directly related to your ability and willingness to remain in contact with yourself and in alignment.

Practicing alignment exercises is a movement towards restoring your ground, increasing your potency and inner-support. Alignment is a direct opening into primary nurturance.

Alignment is an advanced somatic exercise for embodied conscious living.

Sit and rock a little, return to center and stillness and move towards balance and alignment and rest. Repeat several times. 

When feeling shaky and going through change --- feel stability in the spine and  back. Keep remembering your spine.

Sit in Alignment with an intention to contemplate some issue and notice:

What truth emerges for you in the moment? 

Know what you need to do now.

Every time you move into alignment you have greater access to Wisdom.

Give up being goal orientated. 

Put your whole effort into the practice

 and allow yourself to be taken over by the effects. 

If you have any effort left over, put it into making it easy. 

Julie Henderson