The Simple Feeling of Being

- Ken Wilber

  • “The simple feeling of being” consistently defines our experience of life and living.
  • Being is equated with feeling.
  • It is possible to do or to produce something with feeling ~ to have feeling, the process or action must be at least as important as the goal. 

Being is continuous

  • Continuity 
  • Ongoing process

To Be

  • To be or not to be that is the question: Shakespeare
  • To be alive is human
  • Begin to notice the startling quality of just being
  • How fulfilling it is to be?

The ordinary miracle of just being

  • What is known as self-realization is merely feeling this immaculate presence here and now, realizing or being fully cognizant of the ordinary miracle of just being. 

Being human 

  • We are a civilization of "human doings" not "human beings." 
  • Only by stopping "doing" can you reach "being".
  • Begin to slow down time and start to enjoy "being" with each precious moment. 
  • Appreciate all that is profound in all its simplicity. 
  • Continue to set goals for exactly what you want, but don’t assume that your peace and contentment is dependent on the achievement of those goals.

A Sense of Being Authentic

  • With the loss of authenticity, we lose the sense of being.

Being takes time: 

time to breathe and time to feel. 

  • Too much to do and too little time to do it! 
  • People are so rushed that they don't have time to breathe or to be. 
  • When we drive ourselves to produce or accomplish, we become like machines and our sense of being is reduced. However, if we pay at least as much attention to the process as to the goal, doing becomes a creative or self-expressive action and increases the sense of being.

Flow: Being in the Flow

  • As far as being is concerned, what counts is not what one does, but how one does it. The reverse is true for doing.
  • When an activity has a quality of flow, it belongs to being. 
  • When it has the quality of push, it belongs to doing. One pushes when the goal or end becomes more important than the process or the means
  • An activity that flows is always experienced pleasurably because it stems directly from a desire and leads to the satisfaction of a need. 

Effortless Being

  • Being is effortless because it is spontaneous and natural.