Humming moves sound vibrations through your whole body.

Huuummmmmm . . . 

Humming touches and massages you internally with sound pulsations.

Humming takes you inside yourself.

Humming gently soothes and pulses the cellular fluids of the brain.

Humming Suggestions -

Hum into specific parts of your body – brain, heart, belly-staying with one area, feeling the effects of the humming.

Hum gently and softly for a few minutes. Be still. Silent. Repeat.

Combine humming with meditation.

Allow the humming and gently rock your body. 

Feel your whole body enveloped in a soothing vibration. 

Try humming with friends.  Hum a melody while you walk.


Humming moves sound vibrations in & through your body.

Humming touches & massages you internally with sound pulsations. 

Humming pulses the cellular fluids of the brain. Humming soothes you.

Humming can help create a

 “healing feeling” in your body.

 Practice Humming - Focus on specific parts of your body, direct the humming to your 

brain, heart, belly etc. stay with one area & feel the effects.

Hum softly for a minute, then let the humming go, be still, silent, and repeat. 

Combine humming with meditation. Gently rock & hum. Hum into your whole body & feel. 

Hum with friends. Hum a melody as you walk. 

Hum in bed, one hand on your belly, the other on your heart, rest & say Ah!