Meditation is grounding in the sensations of being embodied and present. The body is the simplest and most natural door to meditation. Meditation is giving your attention to the present moment, with non-judgmental awareness.

Meditation is not about personally attaining anything in particular, not changing something or looking for a higher experience. Practice giving up any desire for a particular experience. Drop the idea of trying to achieve something other than “being where you are” in the moment, open & receptive.

Slow relaxing movement exercises are conducive to meditation. When thoughts distract you, relax, let them go, let them dissolve and quietly come back into alignment - body, mind and senses as one. Simply know that you are.

Give your attention to a good balanced posture, good head, neck and shoulders, focus gently on your exhaling breath, softly sighing, saying Ah, stay aware of your present environment wherever you are.

When your mind quiets down, you can begin to embody your experience of peace, stillness, quiet, contentment, well-being and health, as well as tiredness, depression, sadness, fear . . . and continue practicing saying Ah! 

Spontaneous Meditation a Personal Practice