Movement is Life                    


To move is to be alive.

Somatic movement is a whole new way to exercise and experience increased aliveness and well-being. 

Straining, striving and forcing your body is discouraged, pleasure and ease of movement is encouraged.

It helps to imagine the exercises as games or mini-meditations, doing them in such a way that's pleasant and enjoyable to you.

Being willing to listen to your body establishes a sense of presence. Bodily presence and awareness are important in movement and in stillness. You don't go on automatic pilot. Moving with your body in mind is the conscious use of the body.

To move is to let go of inertia, stagnation and 'holding'. Holding patterns show up in the body as restricted breath, sound and movement, inhibiting the flow of excitation in the body and reducing self-expression.

From the very beginning you can learn what you can do to directly and immediately increase freedom of breath, sound and movement, renew your grounding, restore alignment  and whole body pulsation.

Changing the rhythm of your movement can change the way you feel. 

Slowing down increases awareness of sensations, giving quality, not quantity, to your experience - less is more.

The goal is to develop a gentle sensitivity towards your body.

There's a lot of attention to subtle sensations and feelings that arise in the body and to how the body's parts are connected and function together. Practice experiencing more pleasure and enjoyment as you move. 


Somatic movement is a change of attitude to how you exercise and feel about yourself and your body. 

Movement is an active metaphor for change - forming new body shapes. Movement has a strong influence on your "inner life".

Moving spontaneously and freely is good practice for expressing yourself in new ways in your relationships in life.

You are encouraged to make natural pleasurable sounds like yawning, sighing, groaning, while you exercise and move---laughing is good too.

As a practice we rest after an exercise to allow time and space to integrate sensations and feelings. Sit, meditate, or take a nap. Appreciate the inner rhythms of movement within you.

Movement with awareness and feeling is an invitation to a new sense of openness and knowing yourself as body.