People Practice


The Basis of Interconnectedness

Who are we?

Who am I with others?

Cooperation. Belonging. Seeing & Being Seen.  Acceptance. Altruism. Communication. Honouring Diversity.

These are taken into relationship within a group setting - making community living more possible.

People Practices

  • Movement Practices
  • Dance
  • Circles Ceremony, Ritual
  • Singing & Chanting
  • Percussion & Drumming
  • Massage Touch Group
  • Dialogue & Discussion, NVC
  • Healing Ritual Theatre
  • Playback Theatre, Drama Games
  • Meditation & Spiritual Retreats
  • Bush walking & camping
  • People Life Practice

People Practice ~ P3 
Synergistic. Dynamic. Energising. Celebratory. Inspirational. Healthy Socially. 

Embodying Community
Embodying Community