Personal Practices

Personal Practices are exercises, explorations, experiments, experiences.

Self Intimacy

  • An intimate self-knowing, self-discovery  

Self Touch
  • Self Touch is an exploration through touch of your own body

Somatic Touch 

  • Inquire through touch
  • Learn to relate through touch
  • Know yourself through touching another
  • Somatic Touch is bodywork, massage, pulsing, 

Gentle Somatic Exercises 

  • Ease into gentle movement
  • Learn how to practice with less effort, struggle or strain
  • Connect more deeply, more fully with your body
  • Experience “getting used to” well-being & feeling good
  • Discover a new way to approach traditional practices such as yoga, qigong, meditation, dance & drama

Meditative Yoga

  • Slow down your movements, stop & rest frequently
  • Contact subtle energy in your body
  • Move effortlessly into stillness & rest there
  • Notice a peaceful presence emerge as you practice
  • A simple and natural body-based approach to meditation

Breath Awareness

  • Appreciate your breathing as you practice
  • Notice the changes in your breathing
  • Breath more fully when you feel the need to
  • Notice how your feelings connect with your breathing  

Natural Sounds 

  • Express your feelings through sound
  • Have fun with making sounds
  • Make all sorts of sounds that come naturally

Sensory Awareness 

  • Contact your sensory awareness
  • Come to know yourself as sensation
  • Allow your sensations to increase

Feeling Awareness 

  • Get in touch with your feelings
  • Allow your feelings to expand
  • Noticing feelings 

Inner Knowing 

  • Learn to trust your body’s wisdom