Personal Practice

Personal Practice

The Basis of Potency

Who am I?

Self-Regulation. Self-Responsibility Breath. Sound. Movement. Grounding. Alignment. Pulsation. 

Subtle Body Energy Flow.

These are practiced before anything, they are practised again & again.

Julie Henderson -

Personal Practice is conscious health maintenance & enhancement for awakening your natural self-healing capacities for health and wellbeing, feeling good and waking up.

Personal Practices 

  • Kum Nye Tibetan Yoga / Qigong 
  • Dancing - Rhythms
  • Self-Applied Massage
  • Relaxation & Meditation
  • Personal Life Practice

Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes - Self-Study

  • Exercise. 
  • Nutrition/Diet. 
  • Time in Nature. 
  • Relationships. 
  • Friendships. 
  • Recreation. 
  • Relaxation. 
  • Stress Management. 
  • Religious and Spiritual Involvement. 
  • Contributing and Service to Others.

Personal Practice ~ P1                           

Your foundation practice for Partner and People Practices.

Embodying Yourself