Healing presence

  • Presence is the essence of the healing process.


  • When we are wholly present, we are wholly alive.


  • The sense of presence experienced during a regular daily practice overflows into the rest of your life and you learn to be fully present in each moment throughout the day.


  • A Zen verse that urges us to be wholly present to each moment of life . . . 
Lightening flashing
Sparks shooting from a flint
A moments blinking
It’s already missed
  • If you are not awake and present you miss life as it flashes right in front of you.

Being Presence

  • Being present to life, you are able to be present to death as well.
  • Being present to the people in your life and to all that surrounds you, you don’t miss the uniqueness of each creation.
  • Being present you clearly see the spark, vitality, and preciousness of life. 
  • Presence is life itself.

Physical presence

  • Physical presence can be very comforting, but physical presence alone is not enough. 
  • Perhaps the most healing thing one person can do for another is to listen.
  • Listen attentively without being judgmental about what is being shared.

Zenergetics Somatics & Presence

  • Zenergetics helps us wake up and be fully present in body, mind, and spirit, right here, right now. 
  • Practicing Zenergetics awakens and opens you to the present moment. 
  • It is an opportunity to slow down, become aware of your breathing, and take a break from your usual thoughts and preoccupations. 
  • Your body and mind enjoy the time away from your usual business. You become more sensitive and alive.

    Perception & Presence

    • More presence = more perception = more sensation and felt experience.
    • Practicing and developing your capacity to perceive in the moment-to-moment,  the present of your daily life, clearly, breaks down old conditioning.

    Mindfulness & Presence

    • The route to mindfulness is present centered attention.

    Silence & Presence

    • Within silence feel an all-pervading presence in everything.

    Physical Presence.

    • Gradually gain more and more physical presence. 

    Potency of Presence

    • To imagine and manifest a potent presence filled with courage, compassion and purpose.
    • “Real generosity towards the future lies in giving all to the present.”

    Albert Camus

    Contact & Presence

    • A good sense of presence and contact, being connected here and now, this is the foundation of healing.

    Presence is fundamental to experience

    • Pure presence is our fundamental experience---like breathing it tends to be taken for granted. 
    • There is a large and growing interest in finding meaning that relies purely on direct experience of presence---not based on beliefs or traditions.


    • When you are wholly present, you transcend the boundaries of self and other, of time and space, you transcend the boundaries of life and death.