Zenergetics Somatics is based on the Three Tier Teaching of Julie Henderson



 Julie Henderson Zapchen Somatics   

 The Basis of Everything

 Being  *  Presence  *  Willingness to Know  *  Trust

 These cannot be taught; they can being induced; they are the basis of everything else.


  The Basis of Potency

 Self-regulation  *  Self-Responsibility  *  Grounding

  Breath  *  Sound  *  Movement  

Centering  *  Alignment  *  Pulsation

 These other basics, they are  taught first, they are taught again and again before anything else.



 The Basis of Compassion 

 Boundaries  *  Connection & Separation 

Communion & Shared Space

Recognizing Yes & No  *  Mutuality  *  Appropriate Touch

 These other basics taken into relationship: they make relationship possible.