Pulsation implies you are alive. Your body cells pulsate, your heart pulsates at its own rhythm. Life energy is moving through you, flowing, pulsating through you, demanding expression.

Somatic exercises are an invitation to ease into relaxation and the pleasurable feelings associated with well-being. Practicing somatic exercises directly re-establishes and renews the right rhythms of pulsation - inducing inner-support and well-being.

By doing somatic exercises you can energetically create an appropriate internal environment to restructure, to grow, to heal and restore pulsation.

Practice returning to pulsation rather than going into your conditioned, characteristic patterned way of being.

    • Hum and directly invite pulsation. Hum into your diaphragms.
    • Sigh when you feel to sigh, yawn when you feel to yawn . . . Ahhh!
    • Jiggle to create more space in the joints.
    • Rocking is one of the easiest ways to restore the rhythms of pulsation.
    • Yawn to soften and allow more fluid flow in the head and brain.

Rest and simply notice your experience. Integrate the changes. 

Get used to being somebody else – for a change.

Pulsatory currents increase your depth of contact with your internal world. 

Pulsation makes it difficult to hold onto a particular body-mind patterned way of being. This can feel threatening because it threatens who we think we are.

Wherever there is an obstruction to the flow of energy in the body -

Say Ah, rock a little, invite pulsation, vibration, and relaxation & melting. 

Diaphragms lay horizontally across the body: in the lens of the eye, ear drum, tentorium, base of the brain/occiput, central diaphragm, broad ligament, perennial and pelvic diaphragm.

We practice bringing pulsation, flexibility and resilience to the diaphragms above and below--- where there is holding.

Pulsation goes through the different layers, then these compartments are no longer compartments.

When we are "waiting"  "stuck" pulsation is decreased, we are contracted, our capacity to move is limited. It requires patience and tolerance to just be present.

Pulsation and containment are interconnected. With containment there is no loss of pulsation, it is within the realms of well-being - motility is not diminished.

Mind moves fast, body is mind moving slowly. We change by pulsation – the body forms and reforms itself by pulsation. Increasing pulsation, in essence, is supporting and encouraging "the life of the body".


Aliveness depends on: 

Relaxation  -  Pulsation  -  Alertness 

--- Julie Henderson