Self-regulation is “ kindness to self ”. Self-regulation is the fundamental “life-skill” most people eventually learn through the practice of Zenergetics. When self-regulation is impaired we may not be able to stop when we need to, or at least slow down --- eating, drinking, sex, driving, talking, exercising . . . self-regulation is integral to a healthy life.

Practicing self-regulation is learning to get used to the feeling of “ take good care of yourself ”, you can learn this as you exercise and hopefully you can translate this learning into the way you live your life. 

Self-regulation is where you self-monitor, self-adjust as your circumstances change, meeting your needs as you feel you need to, adapting to your environment. 

In life and when exercising---people are prone to over-do things, with a tendency to try too hard, push & strain, so, we deliberately practice doing less, less effort, being gentle with the body, not going to extremes. 

We practice with the intention to renew our capacity for self-regulation: consciously cultivating kindness, self-care & the willingness to take good care of ourselves. 

So, we practice doing a little bit & resting, then do a little bit more & rest again. 

This is a good way to begin. 

Know you can come back & do a bit more when you feel good & ready. 

This is valuable life-learning for reclaiming your “life-time”- doing things in your time.

Knowing when enough is enough.

“It is giving yourself permission to notice enough. Not the enough that is too much, and not the enough that is actually lacking in satisfaction but your mommy told you shouldn’t take as much as you like because it isn’t polite. But the enough that is just Yum! Enough! Maximum satisfaction. Let yourself trust that you can return to it — (exercise, dancing, study, working, TV, computer, eating, sex )”  Julie Henderson

A Personal Practice:  Self-Massage


Being kind to yourself implies, from time to time, self-imposing limits & restrictions, being able to stop, say ‘no’, willing to stand your ground, stand down, step back, ad step forward.  Growing in self-respect & self-love. Shouting a big yes to what is good, true and beautiful for living with vitality, for living your way, for living well and for being happy.

For all things there is a time for going ahead and a time for following behind.

A time for fast breathing and a time for slow breathing.

A time to grow in strength and a time to decay.

A time to be up and a time to be down.

Therefore, the sage avoids all extremes, excesses and  extravagances. 

Lao Tzu.