Self-Responsibility is being able to respond to your needs in a way that is satisfying for you. To be self-aware and responsive to your needs, is essential for good self-regulation and self-care.  

When I’m hungry, I eat.

When I’m thirsty, I drink. 

When I’m tired, I rest.


An example of self-responsibility. 

You become aware that you are feeling thirsty. You begin the process of moving out into the world to meet your needs, it is an emotional response to nourish yourself, to quench your thirst. There is “energy moving out” for the purpose of satisfying a need - thirst. 

Next comes the need for a “cycle of action” and “interaction with your environment” - to get something, to drink. This is the “expressive stage”- asking for what you want or manipulating your environment to give it to you - turning on the tap, filling the glass. 

And finally fulfilling your need - by drinking. 

You are satisfied and you come back to balance — you return to homeostasis. 

With sufficient self-awareness all needs and wants follow a similar path or they do not, hence the organism, the person, may suffer or you feel satisfied, nourished and you flourish.

Being responsive to your needs is                    satisfying, self-supportive and healthy

You are more able to digest your life experiences, to rest when you need to rest, you know the importance of integration. The intention and action of self-responsibility is the process of “getting what you need” to live adequately on a daily basis & also securing your future stability, putting something away for a rainy day - a water tank is handy.

Remember: to make your journey through life richer and more rewarding:    you are responsible for your choices regarding the company you keep, therefor seek out “good company” ~ others who are also self-responsible, people you can share with, support each others’ intentions and desire to live a meaningful & purposeful life.