Wriggling = squirming, itching, jerking, twitching, threshing, swaying, 

swinging, twisting, turning, wiggling, writhing . . .

 all natural ways we move to adjust ourselves, get comfortable, 

release tension, and move towards ease, eventually coming to rest. 

Wriggling etc represents the freedom to move your body. 

Practice allowing your body wiggles, respect your itches & twitches. 

Trust your wriggling is body-appropriate for you. 

Wiggling etc is you unraveling, unfolding, undoing. 

Trust your wriggling knows where to go, what to do & come to rest . . . not how to wriggle.  

Wriggle yourself free

Practice Wriggling when exercising . . . 

rock & wriggle a little while doing yoga. 

Wriggle dance. 

Wriggle as you walk, sit, squirm in bed, 

notice how you feel when you let go. 

In your daily life whenever you spontaneously feel a wiggle coming on, 

go with it, stay with it, allow yourself to wriggle & enjoy!