Zenergetics Somatics is a body-based self-discovery practice.

Practitioners learn to relax and ground themselves and bring greater awareness to their body-mind relationship.

Zenergetics moves at a relaxed pace, encouraging playfulness, emotional connection, freedom of expression, with a mindful meditative leaning.

We do a little, and we rest. Then we do a little more and rest again . . .

Zenergetics is fun, intuitive and healing, giving you resources for releasing tension & stress & most of all enjoying your life.


Zenergetics Somatics provides practices for all people, to help their journey of self-development.

  1. Personal Practice

  2. Partner Practice

  3. People Practice

Personal Practices (P1P), supports the creation a solid foundation of self-awareness.

Partner Practice (P2P), explores our connection with another/s, establishing a relational foundation.

People Practice (P3P), is where group dynamics are explored together in a Community of Practice.


The exercises & practices are profoundly simple and revolutionary!

Self-regulation is fundamentally important, as is co-regulation with others. Being aware of our needs and simple ways we can reduce tension and induce relaxation and ease within yourself & in relationship.

We discover through reclaiming natural expressions such as yawning, sighing, animal-like stretching, humming, napping, laughing and rocking --- we can practice taking care of ourselves & each other!

We investigate habit patterns of our body and mind, with awareness of our posture, breathing and nervous system.

We can indeed improve our well-being, energy, sense of feeling peaceful, embodied presence through Zenergetics Somatics Practice.


Zenergetics Somatics offers people a pathway of practices and resources, to maintain a healthy balance between self-awareness and other-awareness.


Gary Norfolk created Zenergetics Somatics in 1984.

He has been teaching throughout Australia for more than 40 years. Gary is a playful and passionate somatic teacher.

In 1979 he started studying and practicing Kum Nye Tibetan Yoga Mediation and Bioenergetic Exercises Somatics with his primary teacher Dr Julie Henderson. (Zapchen Somatics)

He started teaching Zenergetics in 1981 in Sydney. He completed a 3 year training in Somatic Integration Therapy 1995 at the College for Experiential Psychotherapy in Sydney.


Good Company

Practice Community

Gary is an advocate for social innovation, creating a more caring society, with holistic understanding and embodiment of well-being.

Gary wants to create a long-term developmental project of learning together. A local and regional practice communities based on Zenergetics Somatics principles and practices - Good Company Practice Community.

"If you want to do this work, you will need good company" ~ J.H


The slow movement exercises are inspired by Kum Nye Tibetan Yoga Meditation practices & supported by the revolutionary work of Julie Henderson, Zapchen Somatics (www.zapchen.com).

Zapchen is a Tibetan word meaning "salubrious mind changing naughtiness".


"Consider the possibility of feeling as good as you can in spite of everything" ~ J.H.

"Breath, Sound and Movement - these are the basis of self-regulation - this is how we change and transform state." ~ J.H.

"Develop the capacity for ease" ~ J.H.

~Julie Henderson, Zapchen Somatics.

Gary Napping.